Current Projects

Make $100 in 60 minutes! We are looking for participants in Houston to participate in a one-on-one interview in-person about Lifestyles/Activities on Wednesday, Dec. 8th!

Make $100 in 60 minutes! ConneXion Research is looking for participants in Houston (Galleria Area) to participate in a one-on-one interview in-person about Lifestyles/Activities on Wednesday, Dec. 8th at different times depending on your availability.

Masks will be required. Because these are one on one interviews (just you and the moderator), you may have the option to not use a mask during the interview process.

As a token of our appreciation for helping us with our research, you will receive an incentive payment of $100 in cash.

For online prequalification, please click on this link See if I qualify. If you complete the online link and are pre-qualified, you will receive a call within 1 to 2 business days to confirm your information.

For telephone prequalification, call us at 281-815-4933 or 832-413-5416 after 11:00 am CST Monday through Friday. The prequalification call should only take about 10 minutes, so please call today. If our lines are busy, please try again or leave a voice message and your call will be returned within 1 to 2 business days. We cannot guarantee that everyone will qualify for the study.

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Current Projects

Make $125 up to $250 in 2 – 3 hrs.! ConneXion Research is looking for participants to participate in a Group Discussion or Ride Along about a new app development research either March 1st, 2nd or 6 in Houston, TX!

Make $125 up to $250 in 2 – 3 hrs.! ConneXion Research is looking for participants ages 18- 55 to participate in a group discussion or ride along about a new app development research either March 1st, 2nd or 6th in Houston, TX at various times depending on which session you qualify for. If you qualify you will be paid between $125 – $250 for your participation.

To see if you qualify, please call us at 281-815-4933/281-815-4919 after 12 pm. You must call for consideration. The call to see if you qualify will only take about 10 minutes of your time, we cannot guarantee that you qualify until we screen you. If our lines are busy, please try again or leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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Consumer News: Hot Spots to visit before summer ends!

Summer is almost over and now you can make sure you end it with a bang, with these top 5 summer city spots to visit.  There’s still a couple of more beaches, skyscrapers, amusement parks and a couple more shopping to do before you can say “I had the best end of the summer in 2015!”

Below are top five spots to visit before you can officially end your summer!

  • Team ConneXion recently attended an event in Anaheim, CA and we had the opportunity to eat breakfast at a local French Bistro offering some of the best food and Mimosa’s in town. What makes this restaurant so amazing, is their commitment to preparing their food daily with the freshest ingredients. You can definitely taste the difference! Don’t forget to ask for a Mimosa as well.  It won’t disappoint you!
  • If you happen to travel to NYC and want to stay across the street from the ordinary The One Boutique Hotel is the place to stay this summer in Flushing, NY 1.1 miles from Queens Botanical Garden. The hotel room amenities are modern and all controlled by touch screen panel located next to your bed for easy access and that’s not the best part. After a long day there is the Oo Bar & lounge in the top floor open daily with live music, happy hr., and a beautiful view of the city at night. Enjoy the luxuries of Manhattan without the city transit chaos.
  • From Foam party, Dance Contest, Jet Ski, Color Paint Party, Mechanical Bull and much more drive to Banana Bend Beach if you are in Houston, TX. Banana Bend beach is approximately 1 hr. away from the city in Highlands, TX. It’s an artificially beach on the river with beach sand, but without the irritating salty water. Enjoy the fresh water from the San Jacinto River this summer with live music.
  • Up for the Miami heat! Then swing by the tropical nightclub Spice-Resto Lounge on Hollywood Blvd. where they have live shows every day from Samba dancers, Live Salsa band, Capoeira and much more. At Spice-Resto Lounge you will get the all in one Latin flavor experience. Get the opportunity to dine of the Latin Fusion cuisine with the sound of tropical music with a Margarita for dessert this summer.
  • For those who like traveling international, Cali Colombia offers multiple hot spots that offer spectacular views and amazing experiences.

18 Kilometer- Has anyone ever told you have your head up in the clouds? Well if you are in Cali, Colombia this the time you can say yes! From the city of Cali you can go up the mountain to a location called 18 Kilometer where the weather drops from high 80 to high 50 degrees in 45 minutes where you get to enjoy hot chocolate, arepas, empanadas and other popular Colombian food with the view of the city lights between the clouds.

Other 2 places to check out in Cali,  Colombia are:

Cristo Rey-

Calima Lake-

There are so many places to see, so much to eat and rides to ride, but so little time to do it in. I hope with all this information you can make a small trip just before summer ends and make your ending of summer with a big Bang.

Tell me where you would like to go and end your summer with a big bang?