Before a company plans its next marketing strategy, they must understand the dynamics of the market and their targeted audiences.  Consumer Research is an ideal business approach and it is an effective way to tap into understanding the preferences, motivations, and purchasing patterns within a given market.

Pretend “shop-alongs”, in-home interviews, surveys, intercepts, taste tests, focus groups, or (IDIs) in-depth interviews provide the necessary information, data, and insights that can be analyzed to present new or improve existing products and services to consumers.

The knowledge that is gained through Consumer Research can create competitive advantages, discover opportunities, market niche, and help organizations build on their core competencies or even create one. Overall, Consumer Research provides invaluable insights of consumer’s feedback on products and services.

For this reason, brands are always looking for your input.  They value what consumers have to say and how they feel about the products they purchase. Join the ConneXion so your opinions are heard.


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