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To see if you qualify for any of the studies listed on our blog, please contact us at 281-815-4940. If our lines are busy, please try again or leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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28 thoughts on “Current Projects

    • Sherita

      I would like to bea part of your research efforts. Please let me know of any upcoming opportunities! I have many friends and family to share your information with as well. Thanks!

  1. chontell mills

    I want to thank you for selecting me for your studies. I am a person that has a great opinion and don’t mind expressing it. I am a widow with a 5 year old daughter I work part time and sometimes finances can get a little tight. This is a great way for me to earn extra cash! Thanks again.

  2. antoinette mcgee

    I called and left a message with name and phone number as well would like to be apart and I have friends as well that would like to partictate as well thanks

    • adominguez4120

      Your welcome. Welcome to The Connexion Market Research Community! Make sure to confirm your email to gives authorization to send you notifications and also go to our current projects section at and subscribe, so you will ge immediate emails when we post a new fun paid market research project.

    • adominguez4120

      Hi Shantel,
      We currently do not have any studies for that particular topic. The only ones we have are the ones posted on our site. As we get more studies, we will update the site accordingly. If you are signed up to our database, you would also get notifications once a study becomes available that may be of interest to you and/or for which you may qualify.
      ConneXion Team

  3. Mayra Luna

    Hi, I’m glad to join and to be apart of this, looking forward to working with everyone. Hope my opinion matters👍

  4. Ana Serrano

    Thank you for adding me to this community. Looking forward to be able to share my opinion for future researches . i would love to participate soon 🙂
    Thanks again

  5. Tynessia Guillory Williams

    How can I get started at my first participation in study . I actually am a critical thinker and enjoy sharing my opinions but also my concept hopefully you guys also have jury duty too ………….

  6. Elizabeth Rose

    Hi, I just joined your group this weekend. I am a self employed artist so that says it all about my fiances. Doing this type of work seems like it might be a great boost for my checkbook. I have never had a problem sharing my opinion with anyone, so I’d be happy to do so with you. I have some very limited experience in this field as i have done a couple of paid deals for LG as well as Bose. I look forward to working with you. CALL ME!

  7. Vera Mesa-Alex

    Good morning !!! I just registered with your Marketing Research Company. Really looking forward to be chosen for a Consumer Group.

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