El equipo de Conexion Research es muy eficiente y amable, ademas de recibir incentivos por tu opinion, te envian recordatorios, llamadas de cortesia, te dan instrucciones faciles y los horarios se acomodan a tu muy ocupada agenda de trabajo. Durante mi participacion se me dio oportunidad de compartir en forma muy amena y en grupo, en el lenguage de tu preferencia y con personas que pareciera que conocieras de hace mucho tiempo. Si me preguntaran si lo volveria hacer no lo dudaria ni un minuto. Las 2 horas de la charla se fueron volando con la persona conocedora del tema y presentacion en nuestro idioma.

Maria U.

My experience was wonderful. This gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and also learn about new products and services that you are able to contribute to.  Not only am I able to meet new people I am able to make extra money for only giving my opinion. I would recommend this to anyone and it is REAL! There are no scams and no one EVER tries to sell you anything…. they only want your opinion! Everyone at Connexion is very professional and nice. They are always there to answer any questions and make sure you have what you need.

Lori W.

The makeup study was fun, low-maintenance and easy to follow with an added bonus of quick cash and a super cute tune of matte lip stain! We got to keep the product and I now wear it daily!

Dawn W.

This was my first time in a study group, and I was totally blown away. The study group was a group of highly intelligent folks and I walked away not only sharing my view but also learning a bit from the folks in the room. I will definitely recommend Connexion to everyone. I will give them a 11/10 rating.

Tosin O.

The study was conducted in a professional manner: a) the continuous follow-up before my participation was well done because I felt that I was not harassed with several phone call (persuasiveness paid off) and 2) the information provided was clear and easy to follow. I am looking forward to participating in future research studies.

Gladis S.

I really enjoy it!! Thank you for the invitation to be part of the tuna salad survey!

Emma A.

I love to participate in all the studies that Connexion Research handles. They are fun, and a great source of extra cash!

Aura A.

“I participated in a research study back in September. I really enjoyed the experience, it was different from other groups I have participated.  I felt comfortable all the time.  Also the moderator was very professional but yet very enthusiastic to hear the opinions from all the participants.  I would love to continue participating in these focus groups.”


Veronica J.

“Connexion Research did a wonderful job in bringing in a vibrant discussion. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!! ”


Shaun G.